An Unmatched Japanese Beef Experience

-Exclusively A5 Wagyu-

Royal Wagyu Supply specializes exclusively in A5 Wagyu primal, ribeye, and striploin cuts which have been assessed with the highest yieldquality, and Beef Marbling Score (BMS 10-12)  by the Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA).

  • "A" is the yield grade referring to amount of meat obtained from the cattle.

  • "5" is the the highest quality grade (1-5 scale) measuring fat & meat color, ribeye shape & size, and marbling.

  • "BMS" (Beef Marbling Standard) is evaluated on a scale of 1-12. A5 Wagyu has been graded at least 8.

Royal Wagyu Supply A5+ is graded BMS 10-12.


-The Royal A5 Wagyu Standard-

JMGA standards are quite high, but all of our Wagyu selections must still meet the Royal Standard. We ensure that each cut of our Japanese beef has meticulous marbling, glossy fat, and beautiful flow. We promise the same high quality with every order, every time. Compare the Kagoshima A5+ Wagyu below, which would you rather receive?




-A5 Wagyu Process-

After being thoroughly processed by the USDA for safety, our certified Japanese beef is separated by grades. We then begin the rigorous process of:

  • Hand-selecting each A5 Wagyu cut to ensure the highest quality.
  • Carefully packaging and vacuum sealing each batch into our RWS branded boxes for shipping.